Dish Your Dirt: Last Week’s Response + Guilty Pleasure Song!

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Last week, we asked you what the biggest lie was that you ever told your kids. The responses we received were hilarious, relatable, and slightly scary.

“I told my kids that if they eat too many boogers, they will turn blue! Then I googled pictures of the blue man group as proof! They totally fell for it, and still ask me about it when they get caught eating them!”

“my kid wouldn’t stop playing with my deodorant so I told her that anyone under the age of 10 who uses it will get a burning sensation”

“I tell my kids certain foods are all gone that I just want to eat myself after they go to bed!”

“My kids believe that when the ice cream truck is playing music, that means they’re out of ice cream”

“There aren’t any more donuts. Half-true. There aren’t any more donuts ON THE TABLE. They’re hidden in the pantry”

“I have Santa’s phone number and call to tell him when you don’t follow directions. He’s pretty angry that your bedroom is so messy. You might not get anything this Christmas.”

“My son kept asking where that drawing was that he made. Told him it was hidden in a safe place. I actually trashed it”

“That I was shitting in the bathroom. I was actually just crying from being so tired and frustrated!”

“You had a brother before you.  He didn’t follow directions either.  You ever see him?”

“I’ll be there in a minute!”  No, more like 15 minutes unless I forget.

“When the ice cream truck plays music it’s their signal that they’re out of ice cream.”

“That girl has her tongue pierced because she didn’t listen to her mom when she was a kid.  That was her punishment.”

This week’s Dish Your Dirt question is interesting, and everyone has one! What’s your guilty pleasure song? Mine right now is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Don’t judge. It’s one of those “gosh darn it I hate this song so mu—- I CAME IN LIKE A WREEECKING BAAAAAAAALL!”

So we have to ask:

Don’t worry, responses are completely anonymous (even to us!) and we will post them next week along with a new question!



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