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Image courtesy of Brinca!’s Facebook page


One thing that saves my life as a mom to a toddler is having somewhere safe, fun, and enclosed to bring my little trouble maker so he can run wild. We all know that there are those days you just need to leave the house. What better of a place to go than one where there are slides, climbing, and jumping?! One of my toddler’s FAVORITE places to go is Brinca!


This place has everything. Not only do they have stuff for a toddler but they have something for kids up to 12 yrs old at their location. They have a great area in the center of their facility that is absolutely great to hang out with your little crawler while the older kids are on the inflatables having a great time. The area is surrounded by comfy couches so you can watch from a distance or close up. They are checked out once a year to ensure that their equipment is safe by complying with state requirements and they clean it daily.


One major plus is that since it is for kids of all ages, there are inflatables specifically geared towards older children so they can have just as much fun (if not more!) than the younger ones. This really is a place for the whole family. But don’t worry if you only have a little one. They have toddler power hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-1pm. What does that mean? It means only kids 5 and under are allowed so you don’t have to worry about your munchkin getting run over! AWESOME!

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Don’t want to go anywhere? Don’t worry. They’ll come to YOU. No, I’m not kidding. They have some freaking amazing inflatables that they rent out. They have anything from regular bouncers to full on obstacle courses. These look totally amazing! As if that wasn’t enough, they go all out. Brinca also offers face painting and balloon animals for your event! Don’t have tables? Don’t worry. They also rent out equipment (like a trash can… that they’ll dump for you… WHAAAAAT?!), a cotton candy machine and more! You can find info about it on their facebook page or here

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Brinca! also has a party area at their facility. They have a few different packages that are all really great options for your little one. Your kiddo gets to invite 20 friends and adults are free! They take care of the invitations, plates, tables, etc. You can even add on a cake or pizza! Don’t want to do goodie bags?! They have that too! This is definitely a place that can take all the trouble out of party planning.


Bottom line: Whether you just want to go for an hour every now and then(buy by the hour), hang out there all the time (grab a membership) , want to bring the party elsewhere or want them to take care of the whole party for you they have an option for you. This is definitely one of our favorite places to hang out to wear the little monster out before nap time. It’s a win-win for mom and the kiddos.


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